Hi, Come on in and join me!

Welcome to my Art blog!

I am so exited about Art. It comes in SO MANY shapes and forms, different mediums and styles.  So needless to say that this blog is all about my journey through many types of Art!

Me, Hmmmm? Lets just say that I’m a little quirkie to say the least. I have at least 8 super spectacular children!!!!(I only gave birth to 3). I have been blessed with 9 grandchildren so far. I have the world’s bestest Husband. He is very supportive in my CAUSE! Ha ha! He is a gem. I love my family more than anything else. Yes, more than Art:)

I have always been fascinated with any form of creative Art. (I write art with a capital “A” for a show of respect to it!) I have always doodled ever since I can remember. I took every Art class they had in school that I could sign up for. I felt the need to create in any way I could just get it out! Quilting, designing and sewing, crafting, sculpture, elaborate cake decorating! you name it and I tried to do it. Now all of this was in my spare time. (which there was NEVER enough of).

You work you live you yearn. I was yearning to learn how to paint, no not the house either! I mean I really wanted to PAINT! Ya know, like for REAL! So on my adventure I started! Boy is it a fun ride!!!!!!


About dyose

I'm a self taught artist who is just starting out on a wonderful adventure in ART!

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